Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Lysol Bomb

In an attempt to rid my home of this incessant sickness, I have decided to try to invent a Lysol bomb. You know, like a bug bomb, but with Lysol to disinfect your home. I am convinced, it would be a HUGE success and mothers everywhere would be beating down doors to buy this fabulous and ingenious product. I could even try to find a way to make it "Eco friendly". One problem...I know nothing about science, nor do I know how to get Lysol in a "bomb" type alas, I am at a stand still and will most likely never earn my millions.

I swear, we get a healthy winter and then a sick winter. This is our sick winter. My children are germ magnets. They have little neon signs over their little angelic heads that read..."sneeze near me" or "let me ride in the cart where the kid just puked" or other such things. We wash our hands, but apparently not good enough.

They even were kind enough to share with mommy this time. They gave me some sort of bug that not only produced puking, but other such fluid releases...let your mind wander folks....

I've tried desperately over the last 6 years, to not be paranoid about germs. I used to freak and bunk down in the house for weeks if I knew the flu was going around...and we'd still get it. I've mostly given up. We need to be a bit more careful with "the boy" because of his diabetes, but all in all, he's fairly healthy.

I've given up now. Short of letting my children lick shopping cart handles, I've given up. They drop something on the floor...that's ok, pick it up and eat it. We haven't had diarrhea in a week...let's go to Chuck E Cheese or some other children's play land. Is it worth the fun for the kids to be sick for a day or two? Let's figure this out mathematically:

1 sick boy - out 2 days
other brother gets sick - out 2.5 days
little brother gets sick - out 3 days because he seems to always get it worse....
divided by the possibility of mommy and daddy getting it
factor in the exile you will receive from family and friends who fear you have the plague =
YOUR IN THE HOUSE FOR AT LEAST A WEEK...with a potential one day break in between kids catching it.

So, the big question....what do I do, besides invent the Lysol Bomb..since we've already determined that isn't likely.

Do I go back into exile
Do I brave the kids play places and friends houses
Do I boycott the church nursery, which seems to be a living petri dish of germs
Do I home school to avoid more germs and risk my children becoming ignorant when I let Sponge Bob teach them?

Well, my friends...this is what I've decided to do....nothing.
Today, windows were opened, despite the freezing temps. Furnace filters were changed, linens were changed, all the stuffed animals went into the washing machine & dryer (I've yet to see how they fared that one). Floors were bleached and so were some heavily used toys. Beds were wiped down with Lysol wipes...and the fun continues.
All this cleaning and my house is a bigger mess....what to do about that now?


Erin McGinnis said...

I could have written the EXACT same blog (minus 2 children of course). Ever since Logan has weaned from breastfeeding he has been a magnet for whatever illness is going around and of course I am getting it as well. Scott's the only one unscathed. I'd buy your bomb!

Jen Clark said...

ha ha ha...thanks for your comment on my blog. i totally agree - don't know how practical or effective it would be, but i'd bet millions that moms everywhere would be beating down doors to buy them!!!! we were just discussing this on my moms group message board a couple weeks ago! :) we had guests for the holidays, and even they got the stomach bug my kids was great fun all around, as you can imagine. fortunately, our prayers were answered in that my 81 year old grandma, who had never seen my twins before, never got it!!!

we're hibernating this week b/c one of my twins is having surgery on monday and i don't want to risk her picking up any bugs this week and having surgery cancelled, and it's killing my 3-year old! oh well...

blessings and health!

jennifer :)

Anonymous said...

lysol bombs can kill people you dumbass!just read this:

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the exact same thing. We have been sick for over a month now passing it back and forth and we just can't seem to shake it. I think the makers of lysol need to figure out a safe way to make them. And bug bombs can kill people too so there is no need to call anyone an idiot, obviously they just need to find a safe way of doing it.

Sheryl (TX) said...

To Anonymous who posted almost 1 year ago, the page you reference is talking about Lysol CLEANER - like the kind you clean the toilet with. Not the virus killing spray that this mom wants to use.
To the mom who posted this, my daughter had the same idea for 'invention convention' at her school. Guess you beat us to it. I would certainly buy one. I'm a mother of 2. Great idea to me!

Brandy Tyler said...

I posted the same thing on Facebook before finding your blog. Lol I am a mom of five kids ages 10 to 5. I could definitely use a Lysol bomb right now. My kids have brought so much illness home lately, that we have been sick for over 3 weeks on and off. With a house size of seven, it gets expensive. I am thinking I should have bought stock in Lysol.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why you would buy a bomb that would be restricted to one area when you can buy the spray and just go over the whole house with it.

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